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3 easy ways to save money on your rent in 2016

3 easy ways to save money on your rent in 2016 Simply Property Management Paielli RealtyDid you know that the average American renter spends about thirty-seven percent of their gross income on rental costs? Any way you slice it, that’s a huge chunk out of your check. And with rental rates showing no signs of decreasing, it pays to save where you can. So whether you’re renting from a property management company in Las Vegas or searching for your next Las Vegas property managed home, here are 3 easy ways to save money on your rent in 2016.

Negotiate like a boss

In this market, negotiating your rent is a key component in the rental game. If you’re signing a new lease or renewing your lease for your Las Vegas rental home, be ready to bat with some negotiation tactics. Know your area and have comparative rental rates in hand to haggle every cent. If you have the flexibility, sign a longer lease which gives you the opportunity to lock in a reasonable rate while everyone else is battling rental increases. Renewing your lease? Stand firm and ask for an incentive or perk to stay, such as a monthly pro-rated discount.

Shop around

Smart shoppers always shop around. You don’t drive off the lot in the first car you see and you don’t sign on the dotted line at the first Las Vegas property management lease you come across either. The internet has given us a invaluably effective way to shop the competition and review multiple sites before landing your next rental. But don’t limit your search to your smartphone just yet. Newspapers and word of mouth are still great resources to find hidden affordable rent treasures.

Keep it in the family

If you’ve managed your whole life to never need the help of friends or family, congratulations! Few like to take advantage of family discounts, but in this economy you almost can’t afford not to. So swallow your pride and ask for help! Put the word out to friends and family to see if they have available homes for rent in Las Vegas or know of some options. Chances are if you rent from someone you know you may get a better rental deal than someone off the street.

If you’re looking for a home for rent in Las Vegas, please contact the Simply Property Management-Paielli Realty, Inc. team. We provide a wide array of specialized property services in Las Vegas, Nevada as well as the surrounding areas. So whether you want to find a rental property or need a property manager, our associates provide personal service to help you achieve your goals. – Greg

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